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The fundemental art of Praise

February 17, 2012

You deal with people on a regular basis whether it is at work or in the market place. Why is it that some folks seem to get along with everyone while others seem to always find something negative with others?

Learning people skills and how to effectively deal with others is a skill not mastered in a few days, weeks, or even months. It takes effort and discipline to begin to master some of the skills necessary to become a person that will attract others to you.

I am going to share a simple act that can revolutionize how you interact with people. This simple act that I am referring to is praise!

Praise is like jumping into cool water on a 100 degree summer day. It is refreshing to the soul. Praise is a very simple action to take but the reaction has the potential to make an impact for days, weeks, or even years.  In a society starved for positive attention, you can start to win friends by being that person who is quick to praise and slow to condemn.

Think of the last time that somebody told you that you did a great job or complimented you on something that you worked hard on. Didn’t that make you feel like a million bucks? It gave you a renewed energy and made you want to repeat your efforts.  If you understand this concept, you will be the person that people want to be around. People will leave you feeling better about themselves and not worse.

By offering praise and finding the good in people, you will begin to attract those that are similar to you. Have you noticed that when people complain a lot, they typically hang out and associate with other complainers. A winner can’t stand a loser! Put yourself at an advantage by becoming the person that you want to attract; one that is positive and uplifts people. This comes through praise.

I am not proposing that you praise others just for the sake of praising. It must be something that you notice that they have done well or something that they have worked on and made progress such as being more social, etc. Praising just for the heck of it will prove phony and others will see right through it. You must be sincire when giving praise.

So as you interact with individuals throughout your day, look for chances to praise others and watch as your influence and circle of friends grows.

To your Success!

Ken Cloutier

It’s okay to be Un-relatable!

January 3, 2012

In today’s society, so many of us are trying to fit in and appease the committee of “they.” We want to be relatable and liked without seeming different or odd.
When I first got into business, my friends and family would often question my goals and dreams wondering if I were being realistic. Wanting to be financially independent and retire at an early age was so far-fetched for them they thought I was crazy.

If you look at anybody that has success whether it be a professional athlete, a famous musician, or a successful business owner, they all have some traits in common; they observed the masses and did the opposite and they were, at one time, un-relatable.

When their friends or family were going on vacation for two weeks, they stayed behind and continued to master their craft. When the hot topic at the water cooler was about last night’s news or American Idol, they did not partake in the conversation because they did not watch any of that. They were busy chasing their own dreams rather than watching someone else live theirs.

Now I am not proposing that you totally ignore family or friends, but just understand that in order to achieve anything at a high level, you will have to do some things that they will not understand or even agree with. You just have to know in your heart that what you are doing is right and they will see when you accomplish your goals.

Being un-relatable can be fun! Knowing that you are willing to do what nobody else is willing to do so you can live like most people won’t is the drive that will keep you in pursuit of your hold and dreams. Try it, I think you just might relate!

To your success!

Ken Cloutier

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The biggest investment ever- yourself

October 5, 2011

Go to school, get good grades and then get a good job. That is what you have most likely heard all of your life. But is that the only way to invest in yourself-through school?

The answer is no. People invest in lots of different material things such as cars, homes, electronics, etc. However the average person does not invest in the most important thing; themselves.

There are several ways to invest in yourself: You can invest in time, books, audios, conferences, and other materials. Take for instance time and books. Does it really take a lot of time to turn off the television for a half hour and read a good book that will help you to communicate better with people enabling you to grow in your career or business?  Of course not. It is just a decision.

By simply reading for a half an hour per day, you will automatically put your self in the 20% versus the 80%. Most people don’t even read a book after they finish school let alone one that can help them.

Attend a conference on subjects that interest you or that you would like to improve on. Learn from proven leaders in your field and find out what you can do to duplicate their success.

If you want to get ahead in life, it will take effort and an investment in yourself. Make the decision to begin an investment portfolio on yourself. It will payoff more than you can imagine.

To learn more about investing in yourself or how to begin, contact me and I would be happy to help you get a game plan started.

Here’s to your success!

Ken Cloutier

Do you have Multiple Streams of Income?

September 5, 2011

You have heard about it all too frequently on your local news of jobs being cut and the prospect of the economy taking a turn for the better a slim one. Many people are simply holding on for the ride or sticking their heads in the sand and hoping that everything gets better.

But why put your fate into the hands of political officials to make decisions on the economy for you and your family? Why not develop another way to make income outside and away from your current profession or career?

Having multiple streams of income allows you to not only generate more income to your bottom line, but it also helps you prepare for a rainy day. God forbid you or your significant other get laid off from your job, what happens then? Do you have a game plan? I would hope that you are not one of those individuals that think “it couldn’t happen to me.” As I’m sure you are well aware, it can.

So how can you create a secondary source of income when you are topped out on time and may even be working two jobs? What I have found as a great way to make money is to leverage my time with a business system where you can make money even when you are not there. In other words, the income is not solely based on your efforts!

There are many ways to make additional income and I am not professing that there is only one way to do that. I am however, urging you to take some serious thought into having multiple streams of income. You will be thankful you did in the years to come.

If you would like more information on how to create an extra stream of income outside of what you are doing now, simply fill in the fields below and I will provide you with additional information.

To your Success!

Ken Cloutier

Think Big Dream Big

August 23, 2011

You have heard it since you were in middle school- “Go to school and get good grades so that you can get a good…..JOB.” In fact, most of you listened to your elders and did just that. Now years later after working at that “good” job, are you where you thought you would be?

Most people who I coach and mentor in business were part of that thought process. They had little dreams because that is all that they could get working for someone else. I ask people today if you had a $100 or $700 extra cash coming into your household, what would you do with it? A very common answer that I get is “I would save it.” With the average working household having less than $200 in their savings account, it is apparent that most of these folks are just saying what they have heard all of their lives- SAVE.

unfortunately this is a common thread amongst most people. You simply do what you have always been taught or the old way of thinking. The challenging part of this is that for most of you, your dreams have been shaped by the amount of money that you make at your job or career. If you make $60k/yr., you can’t imagine a lifestyle making $150k/yr. In other words, what you do is settle for what you can afford rather than what you actually want.

What I teach is to have your dreams be as big as you want, and then make enough money to accomplish those dreams. If you have a dream of financial independence or to own multiple homes all over the world, etc. all you have to do is earn enough money to accomplish those dreams. You will figure out a way to make the money if your dreams are important enough to you. As Napolean Hill states- “what ever the mind can conceive, and believe, the mind can achieve.” You dream your way to success!

If you would like to find out more of my teachings and how you can achieve your dreams, simply provide the information below.

Here’s to your Dreams!

Ken Cloutier

Ways to Overcome the Fear of Rejection

August 11, 2011

How many times as a child did you hear the word “no”? I am guessing that it was hundreds if not thousands of times. When you were at the store and asked your mom for that sleek red Matchbox car or the newest Barbie doll you constantly heard no, no, no! But as a young child, you did not see the word  no as a roadblock,  but instead you would keep on asking until you got the one word that we wanted to hear…”yes”

So why is it now that you are all grown up you fear hearing the word no? What changed from when you were young and essentially ignored the no’s and continued to ask questions until you got the yes that you were searching for?

I am reminded of a great example of this. As I was reading a book at a coffee shop, a young girl of about the age of five was selling some candy for a fund-raiser. I observed as she approached each “stranger” with enthusiasm and asked if they would like to buy some candy. She got no after no but continued to walk to each table as if it were the first time asking the question. How was she able to do this at the age of five, yet each of us from 25, 35, 45, and above could never think of doing such a thing?

The reason is that the little girl did not care or worry about what other people thought about her! Think about that for a moment. Why is it that you were afraid of making that sales call to the CEO of the client that you were trying to get business from? Or why do so many people not like to speak in front of others and seem to forget their names when speaking publicly? It’s simple: you care about what others think about you and you do not want to look like a fool to them. We all tend to try to compare the good qualities of others with the not so good qualities of ourselves.

So how do you overcome that fear of worrying about what others think about you and  raise your self-image?

1. Start a self development program of reading books that help you to understand that you are a one of a kind, special person- there is no other you out there! Some great titles that helped me are, What to Say When you Talk To Yourself by Shad Helmstetter and  The greatest Miracle in the World by Og Mandino.

2. The “mirror technique”- When I first did this I thought it was real crazy and weird. What you do is look at the person in the mirror (you) and start to say great things about yourself. Things like: “you are a winner”, “you are successful”, “you are going places”, etc. There is something special that happens when you can look yourself in your eyes and speak positive!

3. Look at rejection not as a failure, but as a step closer to success! In the book Go for No pointed out that most people view rejection as:

Failure <—–You—–>Success

You either fail or succeed.

But if your view Failure as a passing through point, it is easy to accept because you know you are closer to succeeding and don’t worry what others think. It looks like this:

You—–>Failure—–>Success!! You literally fail your way to success.

So how do you overcome your fear of rejection? Raise your self-image and understand that rejection is a stepping stone for success. If you use the techniques and resources that I have provided to you, watch as you move forward towards your goals and dreams with a pep in your step!

I would love to get feedback from you and even hear how you overcame some of your fears of rejection.

To your Success!!

Ken Cloutier

Two major benefits to starting an online marketing business

August 5, 2011

Have you had thoughts of owning your own business? Have you thought about what it would be like to be your own boss and plan your schedule instead of somebody else planning it? If you have said yes to both of these questions, you are not alone. In fact, in an online article by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, it was discovered that more than 70 percent of American adults would prefer to be an entrepreneur rather than work for someone else. With that being said, I would like to point out two major benefits of starting an online business and how it can enable you to become an entrepreneur.

The first benefit is TIME! When I speak with people about business ownership, one of the main reasons why they shy away from starting their own business is due to a perceived lack of time. If you fall into this category, I have great news for you. Consider this:

Most working adults will average 40 hr. work weeks (8 hr. days). This does not include getting the kids ready for school, putting on your best weekday clothes, and fighting “rush hour” traffic to and from work. When you add all of that time up, it drastically increases the amount of hours that they spend working at a job. It’s no wonder that people do not feel that they can start their own business outside of their jobs.

The beauty of online marketing businesses is that you can learn how to leverage your time. What I mean by that is you can literally duplicate yourself over and over. As an example, let’s just say that you want your own business and you are willing to find 1 hr per day in the work week to dedicate to your business- that is 5 hrs. per week. If you have a coach or mentor that can help you and dedicate as much time and effort that you are willing to invest, now you have two people each putting in 5 hrs. per week. Your 5 hrs has now been duplicated to 10 hrs. that your business can make money on. It gets better!! When you start duplicating yourself and opening up other business outlets, you can drastically increase the hours that your business can make money on. So if you open up 6 other outlets who each put 5 hrs. per week into their business, your coach/mentor’s 5 hrs, and your 5 hrs. you get a grand total of 40 hrs. per week that your business is growing but you have only put in 5 hrs.! That is like showing up on Monday and working half a day and then going home for the rest of the week and still get paid for your 40 hrs.

The second benefit is EXPONENTIAL INCOME! With a duplicatable business like I explained above, you have the opportunity to make money exponentially.  You may ask “how is that?” Well let’s look at how an employee gets paid- either hourly or salary. In my example, let’s just say that you make $30 per hr. If you work 8 hr. days that would equal $240 per day. If you were to take a duplicatable business like McDonald’s, let’s say that each McDonald’s store made only $1 per day but has 40,000 stores all over the world, McDonald’s would make $40,000 per day. Who would make more money? I want you to really understand this concept. The fact is, we all have 24 hrs. per day to make money no matter how much we make per hour it ends after 24 hrs. and then we have to start back at zero. This is known as the glass ceiling. An online marketing business (like a McDonald’s model) breaks through that glass ceiling and allows you to make as much money as you want!

In closing, having both time and money equals lifestyle. That is what most people are chasing but they are in the wrong vehicle. Building an online marketing business can put you in a sports vehicle to get you to your desired lifestyle.

I would love to get feedback from you with any questions or comments.

If you would like to get more information about how to build an online marketing business or have questions, please leave your name and e-mail address below.

To your Success!!

Ken Cloutier- Business coach

So you want to be an Entrepreneur? Check out these 5 characteristics of an Entrepreneur…

July 27, 2011

In today’s slumping economy, we are seeing more and more people decide to get into business for themselves due to the uncertainty of the job market. They want to be in control of their futures rather than being a puppet on a sting (which can be cut at anytime).

There are also those who like the idea of being an entrepreneur, but are not sure whether or not they have what it takes to be a successful business owner. My answer to that is if the dream is big enough, the facts don’t count. In other words, you already have within you what it takes to be successful so take action NOW!

Outlined below are 5 characteristics (there are many more) of an Entrepreneur found on Affiliate

No. 1 — Visionary Characteristics of an Entrepreneur

Business is not just about making a profit. Of course, it’s the reason for business, but profit is the hopeful result rather than the actual means. A successful business leader has to be something like a successful politician — inspiring large groups of people to action.

Having a vision is a major component of inspiring both employees and colleagues. The important component is dreaming big. However, dreaming big has some limits. It needs to be tempered by pragmatism or no one is going to take the vision seriously.

No. 2 — Self-Awareness is an Important Characteristic of an Entrepreneur

Being able to inspire other people to action requires knowledge of self. Too many budding entrepreneurs despise admitting their own weaknesses. They believe that part of success is putting on a false bravado. Often, people can see through the facade.

More importantly, though, is the idea that a successful entrepreneur is only as strong as the people working for him. An entrepreneur needs to be honest about his own faults and strengths, so that he can hire people who will best meet the needs of the business.

No. 3 — Entrepreneurial Characteristics and Intelligence

The entrepreneur exhibits intelligence through intellectual curiosity. An entrepreneur can’t just sit back on his heels and wait to find business opportunities. He always needs to be investigating new modes of business and making new contacts.

In addition, an entrepreneur has to be a long and short-term planner, gauging the current climate versus what can be accomplished long-term. An entrepreneur always has to be looking for new ways to accomplish his vision.

No. 4 — Extroversion and Important Characteristics of an Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur has to be a people person. Remember, an entrepreneur isn’t necessarily going to be limited to one industry. This means attending a variety of business meetings in different business sectors, in which the entrepreneur needs to be active in asking questions of colleagues, as well as conveying his passion and vision about current projects. An entrepreneur must be outgoing. He should exude confidence without arrogance — though some cockiness can be effective as well.

No. 5 — Ambition as an Important Characteristic of an Entrepreneur

Ambition ties it all together. If an entrepreneur doesn’t believe that he can do something better than what has come before, he’s not going be very effective or successful. A sense of urgency typically accompanies the ambitious feelings of an entrepreneur. A strong desire to get things done will rub off on employees and business associates.

I would love to hear some feedback/input from both Entrepreneurs and non Entrepreneurs alike.

Live your dreams!

Ken Cloutier- Business Coach and Mentor